Federalist: Pigpen Project Puts Boots on the Ground To Expose Nevada’s Dirty Voter Rolls

Matt Kittle of the Federalist wrote  about our voter file clean-up project today.  Here's a summary…

Chuck Muth, president of Nevada’s Citizen Outreach Foundation, has taken significant steps toward ensuring election integrity through the Pigpen Project.

Launched last year, the Pigpen Project aims to clean up Nevada’s voter rolls using advanced software to assist local election officials. Despite challenges posed by the state’s universal mail-in ballot system and a Democrat-controlled legislature, Muth emphasizes the importance of maintaining accurate voter lists for fair elections.

The project has seen some success, particularly in Clark County, by identifying and working to inactivate outdated voter registrations.

Inspired by J. Christian Adams’ Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), the Pigpen Project has uncovered numerous “bad addresses,” where voters no longer reside at their registered locations. As of the end of last month, the project had submitted over 1,000 names of individuals who have moved and registered in another state, with an additional 768 suspected of having moved but not voted.

Despite criticism from left-leaning media and organizations, Muth insists that the Pigpen Project relies on National Change of Address (NCOA) data from the Postal Service and official voter registration data. The group also collaborates with landlords to address issues of ballots being sent to outdated addresses.

The Pigpen Project aims to demonstrate the necessity of voter roll maintenance through meticulous data research and community involvement. By providing reliable information, the project seeks to support local election officials in ensuring only eligible voters receive ballots, thereby safeguarding the integrity of Nevada’s elections.

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