Nevada SOS Embraces Technology for Election Security

(Chuck Muth) – Late yesterday afternoon, the Pigpen Project submitted over 1,000 names to ten Nevada county clerks/registrars of “active” voters who no longer live in Nevada and have not only re-registered in another state but have VOTED in their new state.

We were able to identify these voters using new technology that allows us to cross-reference official governmental data.

Unfortunately, current Nevada law does not REQUIRE county clerks/registrars to use such technology to clean up the voter files.

Nor are they REQUIRED to work with outside organizations such as ours who are using new technologies to identify voters who have moved but remain on Nevada’s “active” registration lists.

But I’m encouraged by something Nevada Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar told the Las Vegas Sun yesterday…

“The Secretary of State’s office, at the bottom line, is a technology company. We use technology to drive corporate and business filings.  We use technology to do our securities investigations.  It’s also technology in the election space to increase accuracy, and making sure we’re doing what we need to do and giving the voter that best experience to have trust in the system.”

The technology to quickly and dramatically clean up Nevada’s voter lists exists.  We’re using it to make the job of list maintenance for county clerks/registrars easier and are hoping Secretary Aguilar will encourage them to work with us as we expand our efforts statewide.

And by the way, using technology we’ve been able to identify 89 people who are registered in Nevada in two different counties.  This information was pulled directly from the Secretary of State’s database, so we’re using official information.

The data shows the duplicates all have the same first, middle and last name, as well as the same birth date.  Since this involves multiple Nevada counties, I’ll be submitting that list to the Secretary of State’s office later today.

The effort to clean up Nevada’s voter files is herculean, but not impossible.

As the saying goes, where there’s a will there’s a way.  Using technology, we’ve found the way.  Now all we have to do is use it.



“Nevada’s voting rolls aren’t kept clean.  Votes are being cast in dead people’s names.  Other people are voting more than once.” – John Tsarpalas, Nevada Policy Research Institute

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