Active vs. Inactive Voters: Why Is it So Important?

(Chuck Muth) – Election fraud is hard to find, harder to prove, and even harder to prosecute.

“Election lawyers will tell you that fraud is almost impossible to conclusively find after the fact,” writes Rigged author Mollie Hemmingway. “It’s exceedingly difficult to convict anyone of voter fraud, and difficult to indict for, because it’s very difficult to find conclusively.”

And as former Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith noted in 2007, “Southern Nevada has a long history of shady campaign activity, but a remarkably brief record of actually prosecuting the corruption.”

Which is why it’s so important to take steps to prevent voting fraud BEFORE it happens, not after an election.

Election laws are extremely complicated; with wide variances between states and with a mountain of requirements dictated by the federal government.

Now, there are two categories of voters: Active and Inactive.  And this is extremely important in protecting the integrity of our elections in Nevada – especially since we are considered a “swing” state in federal elections.

Inactive voters are “suspected” of no longer being eligible to vote from the address where they’re registered and must provide proof of residency and eligibility before being allowed to cast a ballot.

When someone moves, they remain registered to vote at the address where they lived unless they notify the election department of their change of address.  Many don’t.

Those who don’t are put on “Inactive” status if the election department has mail returned by the post office that was sent to the address where the voter is registered.

Why is this so important?

Because Nevada now sends a mail-in ballot automatically to every ACTIVE registered voter, but not INACTIVE voters.

Shifting people who don’t live where they’re registered to Inactive status means fewer ballots will be put into circulation that could possibly be used to commit voting fraud.

Cleaning up the voter files isn’t voter suppression; it’s voter security.  And cleaning up the voter files doesn’t make it harder to vote; it makes it harder to cheat.  That’s something every American citizen in every state deserves and should demand.



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