Pigpen Project Update: Voter Roll Clean-Up Made Easy for Officials

(Chuck Muth) – Quick follow-up to yesterday’s column about the Pigpen Project to clean up the voter files…

Today I will be submitting lists of voters who have moved to another state but remain on the active voter registration lists in various Nevada counties.

The names we will be submitting the county clerks/registrars include Nevada-registered voters who have moved out-of-state AND re-registered in one of 17 states where we have access to their own voter registration data, but also…

Have VOTED in their new states!

As such, their Nevada voter registrations shouldn’t just be moved from active to inactive; they should be cancelled completely.

We have the information and verification.  And we’ll be handing it to the clerks/registrars on a silver platter.  They don’t have to do any work. They don’t have to hire an additional staffer.  We’ve done it for them.

All they have to do is confirm the information we’re providing.  And we’re providing the contact information – phones, emails, websites – for the election departments in the other states, as well.  So Nevada election officials will have the same easy access to the same reliable data we do.

The question is: Will they do it?

By Nevada law and an opinion by the Secretary of State, they don’t have to.  But if they truly want clean voter files, they should.  There’s simply no reason not to.

And here’s another big development in the election integrity battle…

Virginia Gov. Glenn Younkin issued an Executive Order last Friday directing Virginia’s Department of Elections “to update data-sharing agreements with several state agencies within 90 days.”

The EO also “establishes an interagency work group to improve the quality and security of voter registration data” and directs the Department of Elections to “develop and review data-sharing standards for list maintenance processing.”

Gov. Younkin added…

“Today, I am issuing this Executive Order to ensure the accurate, transparent, and reliable use of data among state agencies, aiming to achieve best-in-class voter list maintenance processes for the Commonwealth.  As we transition to a new statewide voter registration system, it is imperative that every state agency provides accurate and valid data. This Executive Order continues our improvements to list maintenance processes, providing a reliable election system for voters.”

Now, there’s an important difference between Virginia and Nevada.

In Virginia, the Department of Elections is part of the Executive Branch which is administered by the governor.  In Nevada, elections are handled by our elected Secretary of State, Cisco Aguilar.

So Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo isn’t able to issue an Executive Order like Gov. Youngkin.  But that doesn’t mean our Secretary of State can’t.  Hope he does.

OK, that’s it for now.  It’s Election Day in Nevada and I gotta get back to doing primary election “stuff.”



“Elected officials of all political stripes should want to prevent election fraud.” – Las Vegas Sun, 5/26/23

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