Debunked: How Nevada Republicans Botched Voter Fraud Allegations

(Chuck Muth) – One of the main reasons I launched the Pigpen Project last year was because I recognized how badly the Nevada Republican Party blew it following the 2020 general election with their unsubstantiated cries of “voting fraud.”

The Nevada GOP – in tandem with the Trump campaign and other outside actors – didn’t do their homework and didn’t understand the laws on the books.  They cut corners and took shortcuts to claim massive voting fraud without proof or documentation.

Indeed, the party famously claimed it had “evidence” of 130,000 illegally cast ballots. It actually had none.  Which is why they’ve steadfastly refused to release their 130,000 pieces of “evidence” to the press or the public.

But now it’s not just me pointing out the emperor had no clothes.

Ken Block has written a new book titled, “Disproven: My Unbiased Search for Voter Fraud for the Trump Campaign, the Data That Shows Why He Lost, and How We Can Improve Our Elections.”

On Sunday morning, the Las Vegas Review-Journal published an op-ed by Mr. Block titled, “Yes, Trump Lost in Nevada.”  Some excerpts…

“What happened to the claim that more than 16,000 duplicate votes were cast in Nevada during the 2020 presidential election? I disproved it. I am the man who was hired right after the election by former President Donald Trump’s campaign to look for voter fraud.

“The campaign’s lawyers (the careful ones) relied upon me and my team to perform due diligence on fraud claims made by others. I knew right away that the data was bad and that only a few of the 16,000 pairs of votes would be real duplicates.

“During our investigation I discovered two problems with the analysis behind the Nevada claim: 1) Whoever did the analysis did not differentiate between duplicate registrations and duplicate votes, and, 2) the analysis did not consider that two people can share the same name and birthdate, an issue that makes 90 percent of this sort of matching wrong. I found only two couples who had cast votes in Nevada and California. Our analysis showed that the claims were false…

“And let’s be clear: More than three years post-election, there is no evidence that Nevada’s election officials certified the wrong winner in 2020, even though the margin of victory was more than 33,000 votes.” …

“After I showed the campaign’s lawyers why the Nevada claim was false, they reached out to the lawyer who was preparing to file the lawsuit to inform them that the lawsuit should not proceed. At first, the lawyer indicated that the lawsuit would be filed, even after I provided proof that the votes were not duplicated. Only after a written warning that the lawsuit would be based upon false data was the lawsuit abandoned.”

Now, I know many of you don’t want to hear this.  But it’s true.

Even if you still believe the election was “stolen” from Trump, the bottom line is the people responsible for “proving” it in Nevada failed miserably because they shot first and asked questions later.

* * *

We’ve taken a decidedly different approach to cleaning up the voter files through the Pigpen Project. 

We’ve conferred with election officials to make sure our work is done according to law and by established procedures.  And we never “assume” voting fraud took place without doing the hard work necessary to document and confirm it.

It’s why – unlike so many others involved in “election integrity” work here, including the GOP – we’ve been successful in identifying and submitting for removal over 2,000 voters from the active voter file in the last few months.

I think the most damning part of Mr. Block’s op-ed was this: “Whoever did the analysis did not differentiate between duplicate registrations and duplicate votes.”

This is a huge and important distinction.  No, voters shouldn’t be registered twice – once where they currently live and once where they used to live.  HOWEVER, unless that voter votes twice, they haven’t committed election fraud.

Now, here’s an example of suspected voting fraud we uncovered this week…

A recent upgrade to the software system we’re using for the Pigpen Project identified a voter who appears to have voted in both the 2022 general election in Nevada and the 2022 general election in Texas.

Same exact name, same exact address, same exact birthdate.  Seems like an open-and-shut case of voting fraud, right?

Maybe.  But by whom?

Did the voter himself cast two ballots in two different states?  Or did the voter, who moved to Texas just before the election, vote legally in-person in Texas while someone obtained his mail-in ballot in Nevada and voted it for him?

This is why you can’t automatically accuse the voter himself of voting fraud.  We don’t know.  Which is why we’ll now be documenting all our research and submitting an official Election Integrity Violation Report to the proper authorities for further investigation.

This is the sort of detailed, hard work the Nevada Republican Party *should* have done in 2020…but didn’t.

Thanks to your support of the Pigpen Project – and the herculean efforts of dozens of “boots on the ground” volunteers every weekend – the hard work is now being done and you’re helping make a real difference in making it harder to “cheat” in Nevada elections.



“Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress.” – Seth Godin

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