New Report: 95,556 Nevada Ballots Mailed to “Dirty” Addresses in 2022

(Chuck Muth) – One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in getting neck-deep in the election integrity issue has been trying to figure out who the credible players are and who’s just an irresponsible purveyor of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

And one of the credible sources of information is the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), which has been working on this issue for years; way before it was “cool.”

Earlier this week, PILF released a report – based on information received from the Nevada Secretary of State’s office – showing that 95,556 mail-in ballots were mailed to “bad” addresses in last year’s general election and another 8,036 were rejected for various reasons.

According to the report, “2,133 were from registered Democrats;  2,307 were from Republicans; and the most – 3,596 – were from ‘other.’

Another 1.2 million mail-in ballots weren’t voted.  Some half-million of them chose to vote early or in-person on Election Day.

Regardless, that’s more than $2 million that taxpayers wasted to mail ballots to people who never requested them.  To borrow a well-worn line from the left: “How many school textbooks could have been bought with that money?”

“Automatic mail ballots are a disaster,” J. Christian Adams, president of PILF, told the Daily Signal in discussing the study, “and these Nevada numbers prove it.”

Lombardo’s “Disaster” Relief Plan

“We know, and I guarantee you'll agree, the voter rolls are not clean,” Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo observed before the start of the 2023 session of the Nevada Legislature.

“You can ask the person next to you if they're aware of somebody [who] moved out of the house two years ago and they're still getting their ballots, and that ballot’s still available for anybody to grab and take the chance of filling it out.”

As such, the governor this week introduced a bill (SB405) to tighten up security in Nevada’s elections.  His reforms include…

  • Requiring a photo ID to cast a ballot
  • Mailing ballots only to those voters who request one
  • Requiring that all mail-in ballots be received by Election Day
  • Limiting the number of ballots “harvested” to 30
  • Requiring ballot “harvesters” to sign an affidavit listing the identities of ballots they’ve turned in

These are all common-sense reforms.  Who can possibly argue with them?

Democrats, that’s who.

Assemblywoman Daniele Monroe-Moreno (Clark), who is also the Nevada Democrat Party chairman, went off on a rant when asked about the governor’s proposal.

“Gov. Lombardo is making his priorities clear; rolling back voting rights,” the Democrat leader huffed-and-puffed.  “Lombardo is more concerned with scoring political points by emboldening election deniers than giving Nevadans a voice at the ballot box.”

What a schmendrick.

Take a look at the list again.  Which of the governor’s proposals “roll back” voting rights and deny any legally eligible voter from ability to exercise their voice at the ballot box?  None. Nada. Zip.

If you don’t have a photo ID and can’t afford one, the DMV will be required to provide one for free.  So how does that “disenfranchise” voters, including voters from “marginalized areas”?

If you’re a legally eligible voter, you’ll still be able to vote by mail.  You just have to request a ballot be mailed to you – for free – and will have to return it in time for the post office to deliver it by Election Day.

If you don’t trust the post office to deliver your ballot on time, you can quickly and easily just pop it into a drop box on Election Day.

You can also vote early in-person a whole two weeks before Election Day or on Election Day itself.

And you can still “ballot harvest” – you just have to advise the election department whose ballots you’re harvesting.

In other words, Democrats who oppose Gov. Lombardo’s reforms really don’t have a leg to stand on.  They have no arguments other than outright falsehoods and playing the “race card.”

Nor do they have the public on their side.  As reported yesterday by Megan Barth of the Nevada Globe…

  • 77% support a voter ID law, including a majority of Democrats.
  • 60% support requiring that ballots must be received by the Registrars by five o’clock pm on election day (rather than the four days after the election is over.)
  • 75% support repealing the 2021 law that required automatic mail-in voting, knowing this wouldn’t change early voting or Election Day opportunities.

Gov. Lombardo’s proposed reforms do NOT make it harder to vote.  They’ll simply make it harder to CHEAT.

Any legislator who votes against SB405 is telling Nevadans they don’t think they can win a fair and square election.  We already know Assemblywoman Monroe-Moreno is solidly in the “cheaters” camp.  What about the rest of Nevada’s Democrats in the Legislature?  We’ll soon see.

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