Want Clean Voter Files? Welcome to the “Pigpen Project”

(Chuck Muth) – In Nevada, there’s a new reality when it comes to elections…

In the 2021 legislative session, universal mail-in balloting was passed and “ballot harvesting” was permanently legalized.  You don’t have to be a “conspiracy nut” to recognize that these changes have made it easier to cheat and harder to catch.

In fact, of the 120,000+ examples of alleged voting fraud the Nevada Republican Party claimed following the 2020 presidential election, only ONE was actually documented and prosecuted.

While there are many problems and legitimate concerns about the new system, none are bigger than the fact that so many voters remain on the “Active” voter list who shouldn’t be – including deceased voters and voters who no longer live where they’re registered.

Ken Kurson, writing in the Nevada Globe in December 2021, noted that “Nevada ranks second to last in election integrity per a survey conducted by The Heritage Foundation.” In the survey, Nevada scored only “16 out of 30 for accuracy of its voter registration lists.”

Fact is, the only way to reasonably secure the integrity of our elections is clean up our “dirty” voting rolls and remove dead voters and voters who don’t live at the address where mail-in ballots are sent BEFORE the election, not after.

That’s the goal of the Pigpen Project.

Named after the Charlie Brown comic character who always walked around with a cloud of dirt and dust following him, the Pigpen Project is focused on cleaning up the voter rolls in Nevada by removing ineligible voters from the “Active” voting list to block them from automatically receiving a mail-in ballot that could be used to cast a fraudulent vote.

“This is a simple strategy that is not glamorous,” wrote Mac Madden in American Thinker in December 2022, “which is why nobody talks about it.”

And, as election attorney Cleta Mitchell of the Election Integrity Network points out, such an undertaking “requires engagement and involvement year-round, year in and year out; it is not something to think about only the 30 days before an election.”

In addition, this is NOT a partisan issue.  “The election system must be trusted by the people as fair and honest,” Mitchell writes, “giving neither side, no candidate, and no political party an advantage.”

As such, the Pigpen Project is a project of Citizen Outreach Foundation, a non-partisan 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (donations are tax deductible).

Stay tuned.  More details to come…


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