The  Problem Race Nevada Republicans SHOULD Have Focused on in 2020

(Chuck Muth) – Much attention was paid to allegations of voting fraud after the 2020 general election in which Donald Trump lost Nevada by some 33,000 votes.

But Trump’s supporters were only able to raise suspicions without being able to provide admissible evidence to back up their claims.  What little evidence they presented in court never amounted to near enough to overcome the 33,000-vote difference.

What they should have focused on instead was the Clark County Commission race between Republican Stavros Anthony and Democrat Ross Miller.

The initial vote tally showed Miller defeating Anthony by just ten (10) votes out of more than 153,000 cast, and where the elections office admitted to 129 “voting discrepancies” it couldn’t account for.

More than enough to swing the election in the other direction.

A recount was subsequently ordered, in which Miller’s lead increased to 30.  However, as the Review-Journal reported at the time, “there were 74 more votes tallied in the recount than in the initial count.”


An investigation into THAT “discrepancy” was then initiated.  Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria later explained “that the issue had been determined to be duplicate batches of ballots that were read into the system.”

In the end it was determined that Miller had won by 15 votes.

Mistakes happen, granted.  However, mistakes like these undermine the public’s faith in the system and contribute to the rise in “conspiracies theories” that elections in Nevada are “rigged” or “stolen.”

None of this inspires confidence in the security of our elections.  And it should be noted that the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Mr. Gloria himself admitted that the “majority of discrepancies in county races occurred in mail ballots.”

As long as mail-in ballots are the law of the land, everyone from any and all parties should favor taking whatever steps are necessary to assure that no one who shouldn’t be mailed a ballot is mailed a ballot.

That’s not “election denial.”  That’s just plain, old common-sense.


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