The Problems in Removing Dead Voters


(Chuck Muth) – One of the big challenges facing people trying to clean up the voting rolls is getting people who have passed away removed from voter lists.  The challenge is two-fold…

1.)  You have to VERIFY that the person has actually passed away.  Without personal knowledge, you can’t just *assume* someone has died from an outside database search that isn’t official.

The problem we’ve found, is getting your hands on such confirmation if you’re not a relative.

Indeed, Clark County has a “Deceased Voter Report” you can fill out.  However, you have to state your “Relationship to the Deceased (spouse, relative, friend, neighbor, etc.)” in the report.

Whether an Election Integrity volunteer who learns of a voter’s passing can submit the report is an open question.  We’re looking into it…but the new Registrar of Voters hasn’t been appointed yet.  Should be soon though.

2.)  The second problem is getting election officials to actually remove a dead person even after you confirm their death. And apparently, even a photograph of the deceased’s gravestone isn’t enough in Michigan…

Hoping election officials in Nevada will be more cooperative as we move this project forward.


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