The Real Dirt on Dirty Voter Rolls: The Pigpen Project Investigates

The Pigpen Project to clean up the voter rolls is totally non-partisan. And there’s a good reason for it:  It doesn’t matter HOW a suspicious voter is registered.  What matters is who gets hold of a ballot for someone who no longer lives where they’re registered.

That said, we just completed a data analysis of 3,506 active Clark County voter registrations in which we’ve confirmed the voter has moved and re-registered more recently in another state.

We’re hoping that by providing documentation that the voter has re-registered elsewhere means election officials will move them to “inactive” status – meaning they won’t automatically be mailed a ballot next year – or cancel their registration in Nevada outright.

But since so many people think “dirty” voter rolls are a conspiracy by Democrats to steal elections from Republicans, we did a quick analysis of the suspicious, likely ineligible, registrations broken down by party…

  • 1,535 are non-partisans or registered with a third party
  • 1,011 are registered Democrats
  • 960 are registered Republicans

So as you can see, the problem of having suspicious, likely ineligible voters on the voter rolls is not a partisan problem.

People who moved and simply failed to notify the election department of their move come almost equally from both parties, and even more from people not registered with either.

Yes, “dirty” voter files are still a major problem we continue to work on.  But so far, our investigations and analysis have failed to find any organized, nefarious conspiracy to “steal” elections.

Which is not to say voting fraud hasn’t occurred in recent elections.  It’s to say that finding, let alone documenting, election fraud is extremely difficult.  And anyone making such wild, unsubstantiated allegations should buckle down and do the real work.

For example, following the 2020 election the Nevada Republican Party submitted what it claimed were 122,918 pieces of “evidence” of alleged massive voting fraud.

But it turned out only about 4,000 “distinct reports” were submitted (which is why the Boys-Who -Cried-Wolf have never released their 122,918 pieces of “evidence” to the public).

Of them, only 298 actual Election Integrity Violation Reports were submitted to the Secretary of State.

And of those, according to a Nevada Independent investigation in March 2021, “255 – or 86 percent – have been closed either because no violation was found, the underlying issue was resolved, or the case was referred to investigatory authority in the secretary of state’s office.”

And of those referred for investigation, only TWO dealt with suspected “voter fraud.”

And one of them was from a man – touted by the Nevada GOP in media interviews – who claimed someone had voted his deceased wife’s ballot.  But upon investigation, it turned out HE was the one who voted his deceased wife’s ballot.

And he was prosecuted for it.

Look, if you’re not willing to do the hard, time-consuming, labor-intensive, detailed work to back up your accusations, all you’re doing is making yourself look foolish and suppressing the vote by making people think “their vote won’t count.”

And for the record, while we haven’t yet found any real evidence of voting fraud, we ARE keeping our eyes out for it.

If we find something suspicious, we’ll document our findings and submit the appropriate Election Integrity Violation Report to the Secretary of State for further investigation and possible prosecution.

The Pigpen Project is an important, responsible, fact-based effort to clean up the voter files and better protect our elections from potential voting fraud.  Every mail-in ballot that doesn’t go in the mail due to our efforts is one less ballot that could potentially be cast fraudulently.

An ounce of prevention…

If you’d like to get involved in truly making a difference in election integrity, shoot an email to and we’ll plug you in.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Chuck Muth
Citizen Outreach Foundation

P.S.  $10, $25, $50 or more would be extremely helpful in expanding the project by enlisting more volunteers and obtaining voter records from other states.  Click here.

And lastly, if you know of someone who you believe has moved and should be taken off the “active” list, you can submit a request for investigation through the Pigpen Project by clicking here.


“Fewer than 530,000 voters returned a mail ballot (in Nevada’s 2022 general election). But ballots were sent to almost all of the state’s more than 1.8 million registered voters. You don’t have to claim there’s widespread fraud to point out that one million ballots floating around isn’t a best case for election security.” – Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial, 2/3/23

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