Despite Media Blindness, Potential for Voter Fraud Is All Too Real

  (Chuck Muth) – Stephen Moore of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity (CTUP) had an important post in the organization’s “Unleash Prosperity Hotline” this morning that details the problems with automatic voter registrations… * * * * * * * Earlier this month, we at CTUP released a must-read report by our senior fellow John […]

Making Elections Squeaky Clean: Pigpen Project Rooting Out Bad Registrations

 (Chuck Muth) – This morning, the Las Vegas Review-Journal published a serious editorial on problems with mail-in balloting that should be cause for pause. A judge in Connecticut ordered a new mayoral election after the release of “surveillance footage showing (incumbent Mayor Joe) Ganim supporters appearing to put multiple absentee ballots into outdoor collection boxes.” […]

Attention Volunteers: Wanna Help Clean Up the Voter Rolls?

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. Conservative grassroots activists have complained for years that when they volunteer to get involved in projects, they’re ignored or, at best, given something inconsequential or insignificant to do. They don’t feel their time is making a difference. If you fall into this category in […]

Another Pigpen Success: Closing the Loops on Dupes

(Chuck Muth) – I know when you read this, some of you are going to recoil like you just stepped on a rattlesnake… But the Clark County Registrar of Voters’ (ROV) office under its new director, Lorena Portillo, has been extremely helpful and cooperative with our Pigpen Project to clean up the voter rolls. We’re […]

Gov. Lombardo VETOES Easier-to-Cheat Election Bill

  (Chuck Muth) – Yesterday, Republican Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo vetoed Senate Bill 404 (SB404), characterizing it in his message to Democrat Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro as “a bad bill.” OORAH! The bill passed both houses of the Legislature on straight party line votes; 28-14 in the Assembly and 13-8 in the Senate. But […]

The Hidden Dangers of Hasty “Voting Fraud” Accusations

  (Chuck Muth) – The voter who wrote to the Pigpen Project and reported that three of her deceased family members were still getting ballots as of last year was happy that we were finally able to have them removed from the voter list. “I really do thank you for taking care of all of […]

First Dead Voter…GONE!

(Chuck Muth) – Here’s a cheerful update on our Pigpen Project to clean up Nevada’s voter files… As noted previously, we’ve established a good working relationship with the new Clark County Registrar of Voters (ROV) and have already successfully gotten one voter who no longer lives at the address where she’s registered moved from “Active” […]

We’re in Business: First Voter File Cleaned!

(Chuck Muth) – It’s been a bit since I last updated you on the Pigpen Project’s efforts to clean up Nevada’s voter files, particularly in Clark County. But just because we’ve been running silent, doesn’t mean we haven’t been running deep. No idle hands in this devil’s workshop! First, we’ve been in discussions with two […]