Federalist: Pigpen Project Puts Boots on the Ground To Expose Nevada’s Dirty Voter Rolls

Matt Kittle of the Federalist wrote  about our voter file clean-up project today.  Here’s a summary… Chuck Muth, president of Nevada’s Citizen Outreach Foundation, has taken significant steps toward ensuring election integrity through the Pigpen Project. Launched last year, the Pigpen Project aims to clean up Nevada’s voter rolls using advanced software to assist local […]

Fact Check: Nevada’s Election Laws are Failing Voters – Here’s How

(Chuck Muth) – I gotta tell ya, I wasn’t expecting this from the Las Vegas SUN newspaper, which is usually reliably tilted to the left side of the political spectrum. But on Sunday it published a report by Haajrah Gilani on the unacceptably bad condition of Nevada’s voter rolls – a problem our Pigpen Project […]

Second Lawsuit Filed over Voters Registered at Commercial Addresses

(Chuck Muth) – A few weeks ago, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) filed a lawsuit in Washoe County after investigating and documenting a series of voter registrations where the voter was registered at a commercial address, PO box, etc. This week, PILF filed a similar complaint in Clark County… “Petitioners brought to Respondent’s attention […]

In Nevada’s Pivotal Clark County, Election Transparency Misses The Mark

(Byron Fisher) – Clark County election officials need to do more to assure transparency and accountability before the 2024 election. Nevada enjoys one of the freest observation laws in the country. NRS 293.274 requires that county clerks allow “members of the general public” to observe the elections. In most states, observers must be affiliated with a candidate […]

Pigpen Project in the News…Including Another Left-Wing Smear

(Chuck Muth) – Well, the cat’s outta the bag and the horse has left the barn. Far-left “election fraud deniers” have discovered our Pigpen Project to help clean up Nevada’s voter rolls and are none too happy about it.  But before I get to that, here’s some good news… First, on Tuesday we submitted lists […]

Just How Bad are Nevada’s Voter Files Right Now?

(Chuck Muth) – Two days ago, The Federalist published an in-depth report on the condition of Nevada’s voter files, including the following… “Hundreds of questionable addresses remain on Nevada’s voter rolls, and elections officials appear to be doing nothing to clean up the list.” The report is based on an investigatory video produced by the […]

Nevada SOS Embraces Technology for Election Security

(Chuck Muth) – Late yesterday afternoon, the Pigpen Project submitted over 1,000 names to ten Nevada county clerks/registrars of “active” voters who no longer live in Nevada and have not only re-registered in another state but have VOTED in their new state. We were able to identify these voters using new technology that allows us […]

Pigpen Project Update: Voter Roll Clean-Up Made Easy for Officials

(Chuck Muth) – Quick follow-up to yesterday’s column about the Pigpen Project to clean up the voter files… Today I will be submitting lists of voters who have moved to another state but remain on the active voter registration lists in various Nevada counties. The names we will be submitting the county clerks/registrars include Nevada-registered […]

Big Developments in Fight to Clean Up Nevada’s Voter Lists

(Chuck Muth) – The Pigpen Project to clean up Nevada’s voter rolls is expanding statewide after months of a successful pilot program in Clark County. We’ve been extremely effective in using “boots on the ground” to go door-to-door and obtain signed Non-Residency Reports from current residents willing to confirm that a registered active voter at […]